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Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2015 06:57:58 +0000
From: MMMonVHF Newsletter noreply@mmmonvhf.de

MMMonVHF Newsletter No. 9/ WEEK 9 2015


Hallo dear MMMonVHF friends,


please find below our latest NEWSLETTER from the VHF-DX-Portal
"Make More Miles on VHF" ( www.MMMonVHF.de ), dated 2015-02-26
We try to distribute our Newsletter, once a week on thursday;
if any special activity will make it necessary
we will inform you with Breaking News or a Special NL-Edition.
For further details please be so kind and look at our "News"-page
http://www.mmmonvhf.de/latest.php - you are welcome for any
input and we hope you will enjoy the VHF-DX-Portal MMMonVHF!

Latest NEWS and INFO for the NEWSLETTER
MMMonVHF The VHF-DX-Portal

HOT 144 MHz MS & EME DX-PEDITION NEWS - Pse do use:
and use the FILTER for your personal wishes!

** XV4F is from 2014-10-31 - 2017-12-31 QRV from Vietnam OJ39, 6m, 2m & 70cm**


** JW/DF8DX is from 2015-02-19 - 2015-02-25 QRV from Svalbard, 23cm EME **


** ZL/YU7AA is from 2015-01-15 - 2015-03-28 QRV from New Zealand RF73HC on 2m and maybe 70cm EME **


**FG4KH is from 2015-02-06 - 2015-03-16 QRV from Guadeloupe FK96hf on 2m TR, MS & EME**


**VP8... is from 2015-03-16 - 2015-03-26 QRV from Falkland Island GD08 on 2m EME**
**S79UD is from 2015-03-20 - 2015-04-02 QRV from Seychellen LI75 on 2m, 70cm, 23cm, 13cm and 9cm EME**


**R210LR is from 2015-04-01 - 2015-04-30 QRV from Russia MO37rd, 2m EME**


**7Q7EME is from 2015-05-09 - 2015-05-24 QRV from Malawi KH77ap on 2m, 70cm & 23cm EME**


**ZF...is from 2015-05-20 - 2015-05-25 QRV from Cayman Islands EK99ig on 2m EME**


**C6ATA is from 2015-06-08 - 2015-06-14 QRV from Bahamas Island FL15 on 6m and 2m EME, ES**


**OE4WOG/VK3XPD/VK5KK are QRV from 2015-06-29 - 2015-07-05 QRV from Austria JN47/JN57 2m, 70cm and GHz, TR and RS** 


**E44Y is from 2016-03-20 - 2016-03-30 QRV from Palestine KM72, 6m**

Latest V/U/SHF DX-PEDITION NEWS and EVENTS - Pse do use:
and use the FILTER for your personal wishes!

** DEADLINE for your NEWS input to MMMonVHF**


... for your News (pse use: http://www.mmmonvhf.de/newsuser.php)
to the next MMMonVHF Newsletter will be next wednesday 22.00 UTC ...

The VHF-DX-Portal MMMonVHF - Newsletter Credits & Info

Our Newsletter is compiled from the input of the USERS of the
VHF-DX-Portal MMMonVHF and as well by a lot of free usable
HF-V-U-SHF-Info-Sources (named as SOURCE at the NEWS) and chats
like ON4KST-, RU-VHF-DX-Net, EA-V-U-SHF-Chat, N0UK-Chat and others.


** Many thanks to all our USERS who did send us info and news **


Wherever we found the info we always indicate the source of the
info. If you get knowledge of an expedition, which is NOT listed
at our VHF-DX-Portal MMMonVHF or if you have additional info for
an expedition, PLEASE be so kind and send us this info at:



The MMMonVHF-Team is always trying to spread any expedition info
as much up-to-date and reliable as possible and as long as the
info does not violate with our MMMonVHF-Policy ...

Have a lot of fun and enjoy the VHF-DX-Portal MMMonVHF!

73 de Lins PA3CMC & PA4EME
on behalf of the MMMonVHF-Team


MMMonVHF.de Team
red. by oe3bma


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